susan hanley llc
Every once in a while, someone will use a quote from me in the press. Below is a list of selected articles where I've been quoted:

  • Q&A: SharePoint governance guru Susan Hanley talks deployment plans by Jonathan Gourlay, SearchContent Management, Tech Target, January 2012
  • SharePoint|The Reality Series: Implementing SharePoint 2010-An ECM manager's view by Marc Solomon, KMWorld Magazine, January 2011
  • Interview: Susan Hanley on SharePoint and Knowledge Management, CMSWire, October 2010
  • The Human Side: A successful deployment of KM requires more than selecting tools Knowledge Management Magazine, March 2002
  • Something in Common: Here’s how to build a community of practice where your employees can share knowledge and meet corporate goals Knowledge Management Magazine, October 2001
  • Who's in Charge? Choosing the right leader for knowledge initiatives is a crucial first step Knowledge Management Magazine, October 2001
  • Prospecting for Experts: Knowing who to ask can save you time and money Knowledge Management Magazine, June 2001
  • Washington’s Need to Know:Faced with downsizing and the retirement of half its workforce, the U.S. government turns to KM Knowledge Management Magazine, January 2001
  • Around the Virtual Water Cooler:Sustaining communities of practice takes plenty of persistence Knowledge Management Magazine, October 2000
  • "What do you know?" (Article about Knowledge Management, no longer available online), Wall Street Journal, June 21, 1999