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August 8-12, 2022


Susan Hanley LLC represents a connected network of forward-thinking strategists, technical architects, and business analysts dedicated to helping organizations build effective portal and collaboration solutions – solutions with measurable results.

Successful portal, collaboration, and knowledge management solutions require an investment in a lot more than just technology. Organizational and political (process and people) strategies have a much greater impact and as a result, a comprehensive strategy is vital for success.

Sue and her network of associates can help your organization realize clear and tangible value from your investment in portal and collaboration technologies, especially Microsoft SharePoint, to improve your organization’s ability to:
  • Share and leverage expertise – both inside the company and as part of an extended network of customers, suppliers and partners
  • Find and organize information assets with an effective information architecture design
  • Build awareness and gain adoption for your intranet, portal and collaboration solutions
  • Plan an effective governance strategy
  • Demonstrate measurable value from your investments in portal and collaboration technology

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

August 8-12, 2022.  365 EduCon Dallas. Dallas, TX. (In person) Three sessions: Your Intranet Shopping List: Must Have Capabilities for Your Modern, Intelligent Intranet; Transform Knowledge Management and Collaboration with Microsoft 365, and Governance Planning for Viva Connections: Best Practices for Intranet and Collaboration. Workshop: Introduction to Information Architecture for SharePoint Intranets. Use code HANLEY to save $100.
September 28-30, 2022.  365 EduCon Chicago. Chicago, IL. (In person) Three sessions: Your Intranet Shopping List: Must Have Capabilities for Your Modern, Intelligent Intranet, Getting Started with Information Architecture for Microsoft 365 Intranets, and Viva engagement! How to leverage Microsoft 365 to improve emp communications & connection. Use code HANLEY to save $100.

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